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For shoemaking and fancy goods industry

Our company is a traditional Czech processor of fabrics for shoemaking and fancy good production. We offer:

  • Cotton fabrics (80-500 g/m2) greige, bleached, dyed, with a possibility of various treatments as hydrophobic, non-flammable, fungicidal, antimicrobial etc. or special coatings according to requirements of a customer and a purpose of use.
  • Technical knitted cotton and synthetic fabrics, again with a possibility of various treatments.
  • Sandwiches bonded of two or more fabrics or even other materials, for example foams, with an aim to create a final product with properties required for determined purpose of use. We bond either by dispersion adhesives, mostly based on natural latex, or by hot-melt adhesives in a form of powder, bonding webs or foils. With a PUR foam the fabrics are bonded by flame lamination.
We have and utilize even other production technologies - high-frequency welding of flat materials, automatic cutting of parts from fabrics, leatherettes and sandwiches on modern CNC cutting machines, functional and decorative sewing of parts, covering onto plastic inserts and carriers, on special device we emboss relief patterns and logos onto a surface of flat materials etc.  

Textile for medical and protective purposes

By flame lamination of fabrics with PUR foams we produce one- or both-sided sandwiches for production of braces, splints and bandages. We offer also fabrics and sandwiches with various treatments (non-flammable, water-repellent, antimicrobial etc.) for a field of protective work aids, as well as knitted elastic hems.

Textile for various special purposes

According to needs and wishes of customers we can design and pattern fabrics, knits or textile sandwiches with required properties.

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