Environmental policy

Our organization, TOMATEX Otrokovice, a.s., is aware that the environment, in which we live, is also affected by our production activities. The company’s top management accepts responsibility for actions related to the environmental impacts and applies this ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY through its employees.

With an emphasis on prevention, we want to protect the environment by reducing pollution from our areas. We are ready to regularly and objectively evaluate and review our impact on the environment and implement the necessary measures for improvement. Depending on the assessed risks and environmental impacts of existing production as well as the introduction of new products, technologies and new materials, we take measures to achieve the intended outputs with minimal negative impact on the environment and environmental protection.

We are willing to work with the public, local authorities and interest groups and have a dialogue with them about our impact on the environment. We are committed to fulfilling binding obligations, such as the requirements of laws, decrees and regulations, including local government regulations, related to environmental protection.

The means to achieve these goals is an environmental management system (EMS), which we intend to continuously maintain and improve.


Tomatex Otrokovice, a.s. participates in the ecological program Trees for Life®

Tomatex realizes that every bundle of paper that passes through the company’s hands was once part of a living tree. He feels a responsibility to the environment in which we all live and wants to help nature – especially forests – together with others.

For every 50 OFFICEO paper packages purchased by us, 1 tree is planted.

Since 2003, a total of

739,576 trees.