Launch of the Frimo laminating machine for the production of the Audi e-tron passenger car armrest.

After careful consideration at the end of 2019, our company invested in a modern laminating and sealing machine from the German manufacturer FRIMO.

In the automotive world, Frimo company is a well-known manufacturer of laminating and shaping machines from the German Freilassing. They prepared a machine for our needs that significantly automates the production of armrests for the AUDI e-tron premium electric car.

The exclusive look of this car is complemented by the armrests made by TOMATEX by Otrokovice. The traditionally luxurious interior of Audi is complemented by a stitched leather in several fashionable colors, symbolizing the expressively shaped area of the interior door panel.

We wish the Audi Q6 e-tron success in the electric car market and believe in the contribution of this technology to the car industry’s considerate behavior towards our environment.