Tomatex Otrokovice, a.s introduces a new dissipative material, specially designed to protect against electrostatic phenomena.

Suppliers for the automotive or electro-technical market, as well as many other similar segments, focus on developing new products with higher-quality. However, better quality and higher reliability are closely related to the storage and transport of such components. There is no doubt about the growing pressure to comply with the requirements of ČSN EN 61340. Suddenly a description scheme of protected space EPA, where components sensitive to electrostatic discharge or other types of damage can be used with acceptable risk, is quickly becoming a necessary part of company regulations.

These facts were the main reason why Tomatex Otrokovice developed a new dissipative packaging material that meets the strictest requireents of resistance.

The material called EPATEX combines the requirement for dissipativeness with the sensitivity of the surface layer, the softness due to polyurethane foam and the strength of the resulting sandwich due to the supporting polyester fabric. The whole sandwich is then supplemented in the inner layers with anti-dust foil. All this with the pleasing design of the top micro-polyester layer combined in both directions with carbon fiber and with the permanent resistance property of the laminate with a value of 4 × 10 6 Ω.